Genentech inks $300M pact with Swiss biotech

Switzerland's AC Immune has struck a licensing deal with Genentech for its Alzheimer's antibody program worth up to $300 million. None of the details on that package were released. The three-year-old Swiss biotech has been engaged in preclinical studies with a new therapy that has demonstrated an ability to make beta-amyloids soluble. Beta-Amyloid is a plaque that forms in the brains of Alzheimer's and has been a central target in research on the disease. AC Immune says the program--which could also prove effective against other diseases--is heading into early-stage clinical trials next year.

"Out-licensing one of our lead programs to Genentech achieves a major business objective for the company and represents a significant milestone in the 3-year history of AC Immune", said Professor Andrea Pfeifer, CEO of AC Immune. "Genentech is an excellent, and our preferred, collaborator for the antibody program due to its expertise in development and commercialization of antibodies".

- see the release on the pact

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