Galapagos gains third extension of Genentech deal in $35M pact

Galapagos has a shot at adding up to $35 million in added payments from cancer trendsetter Genentech in the third extension of their drug discovery pact. The two companies announced this morning that Argenta, a subsidiary of Galapagos, will continue to put its expertise in drug design, screening and chemistry to use for Genentech.

The deal extension also gives Genentech access to Galapagos' other service division, BioFocus, which will provide Genentech "with integrated medicinal chemistry, in vitro biology and ADME services." BioFocus has been working with Genentech since an amendment to the Argenta agreement was signed in September 2010.

"We are proud that Genentech again has selected Argenta for this major drug discovery collaboration," said Dr. Chris Newton, SVP of service at Galapagos. "The possibility for Genentech to continue placing projects directly with BioFocus also speaks to the complementary expertise and technological capabilities that Argenta and BioFocus possess."

 - here's the Galapagos release