Forte Research Systems Partners With Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center to Make the OnCore System the Premier Option for Research

Forte Research Systems Partners With Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center to Make the OnCore System the Premier Option for Research Billing Compliance

MADISON, Wis., Jan. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Forte Research Systems, Inc. and Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center, LLP, an affiliate of Meade & Roach, LLP, are collaborating to make the nation's most widely adopted enterprise-class clinical research platform the premier option for clinical research billing compliance.

"In the wake of increased regulatory enforcement by government agencies and settlements under the Civil Monetary Penalties Law and False Claims Act, institutions conducting clinical research are under increased pressure to develop solutions for managing research billing compliance," said Ryan Meade, JD, CHRC, partner at Meade & Roach, LLP and a managing director of Aegis. "We're pleased to be contributing toward the creation of better tools for managing this exposure and risk."

Current OnCore financial management capabilities include several features to help research institutions manage their billing compliance risk such as the ability to distinguish research-related charges from those related to the standard of care and Billing Slips, which help ensure that the correct parties are billed. The result of the new collaboration will be a more comprehensive coverage analysis module for the OnCore system to be included in an upcoming release of the system.

"Over the years, we've collaborated with our customers to build phenomenal financial management capabilities into the OnCore system," said Srini Kalluri, President, CEO, and Chief Customer Experience Officer at Forte Research Systems. "We brought in the experts at Aegis because we want to make OnCore the best system available anywhere for supporting research billing compliance."

The consultants at Aegis often advise their clients that the first step in research compliance management is to gather relevant information and documents in one location. "In order for an organization to bill third-party payers correctly during clinical trials, the organization first needs to know what studies it is conducting and who the subjects are - that's not always as easy as it sounds," Meade said, adding, "because the OnCore system provides centralized access and control over clinical research documents, processes and subject identification, OnCore users can leverage the system as part of their overall billing compliance initiative."

Having worked with several research institutions that use the OnCore system, Aegis consultants have developed significant expertise with OnCore. In December, two Aegis team members attended OnCore certification classes and have become OnCore Certified Trainers.

Aegis focuses its work on health care regulatory compliance. The company's services include clinical research compliance programs and solutions, implementation of clinical research management systems, compliance program effectiveness reviews, Medicare/Medicaid compliance, HIPAA compliance, and specialized education and training for the health care industry.

For information about the OnCore clinical research informatics platform, contact Forte Research Systems at (608) 826-6002 or visit the company online at

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