Follow-on legislation follows a twisted path in DC

BIO is toasting proposed new legislation that would provide more than 14 years of patent protection on a biologic. Needless to say, the generics crowd is just a tad disappointed by the bill, saying that patients would have to wait decades before they could benefit from any lower prices. "For the countless patients who are choosing between paying for their medicines and putting food on their tables, waiting decades is simply not an option," said the Generic Pharmaceutical Association. BIO feels a lengthy period of patent protection is the only fair option, given the time it takes to move a biologic to regulatory approval.

As the Wall Street Journal's blogsters point out, new legislation providing a regulatory pathway for biologics gets a thumb's up from most everyone--but no one agrees just how lawmakers should do it. One other commonly agreed point: Starting out, the FDA is likely to take it one biologic at a time, deciding when and how for each program.

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