FierceBioResearcher is now FierceBiotech Research

Arsalan Arif, Fierce Life Sciences publisherAs a publisher, there is one metric I track above all else: reader engagement. While I'm mindful not to bore you with online publishing industry terminology, we at Fierce are understandably excited about our already unmatched reader engagement metrics trending higher in 2009. Some of the numbers we study are unique open rates, click-through rates, web pages viewed per visitor, plus a few proprietary in-house Fierce metrics. We judge ourselves on how relevant we are to our readers and their everyday work--and by any measure of that, our early stage drug development publication FierceBioResearcher continues to be one of our most successful titles.

But we're never satisfied with the status quo at Fierce. I've spoken to hundreds of readers in person and by e-mail over the last few months in pursuit of serving your informational needs more efficiently. While I plan to put several of your suggestions to work by the end of this year, there is one immediate change we're making effective today: FierceBioResearcher is now known as FierceBiotech Research.

We're making the slight tweak to better align our weekly publications with their parent publications FierceBiotech and FiercePharma--it's a minor touch that we're confident readers will appreciate. Outside of the name, everything else you and 34,000 of your colleagues in early stage drug development have come to rely on remains the same. John Carroll, our Editor-in-Chief, will continue providing pre-clinical research and development news and analysis with his authoritative editorial voice. 

If you're invested in early-stage drug development news, subscribe with one-click to FierceBiotech Research. It's published once a week via e-mail on Tuesdays.

As always, I'm eager to hear questions and comments from our readers, so please get in touch. Thanks for your continued participation in the FierceBiotech community.

Arsalan Arif, Publisher
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