FDA staffers outline oral MS drug risks; Durect nails $27.5M upfront in partnership;

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> Organovo machine could "print" new organs. Report

> FDA staffers highlighted some of the risks associated with Gilenia ahead of the advisory meeting. The regulators said that the drug is linked to certain cancers as well as a decline in lung function. The pivotal efficacy studies provide robust evidence of the efficacy of fingolimod to reduce the frequency of clinical exacerbations in patients with relapsing remitting MS," FDA staff said in the report. "The clinical development program also uncovered a number of safety issues, which will be the primary focus for the advisory committee meeting." Report

> Hospira is partnering up with Durect on the development of Posidur, a long-acting version of the anesthetic bupivacaine currently in Phase III clinical trials. Hospira will make an upfront payment of $27.5 million, with an additional $185 million in performance milestone payments up for grabs based on the successful development, approval and commercialization of the therapy. Hospira release

> Vivalis will get a €3 million euro upfront after signing a pact with Sanofi-Aventis for the discovery and development of new antibodies for infectious disease targets. The pact also includes 35 million euros in milestones. Vivalis release

> The FDA has accepted Depomed's application for an experimental pain drug, DM-1796, triggering a $10 million milestone payment and a surge in its share price. Report

> Cambridge, MA-based CombinatoRx received a $500,000 milestone from Fovea Pharmaceuticals on Fovea's initiation of Phase IIb clinical testing of Prednisporin (FOV1101) in subjects with persistent allergic conjunctivitis. CombinatoRx release

> A startup biotech company in North Carolina, Apixir, is in line for economic incentives after outlining plans to hire 25 people. Story

And Finally... Lung cancer is on the rise among women in the U.S. Researchers say that at this rate more women will soon be dying from lung cancer than men. Story