FDA moves to tighten access on drug decisions; EU approves new drug from GSK, Valeant;

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> The FDA is studying how it can restrict access to information about new drug approvals without slowing down the regulatory process even more, reports the Wall Street Journal. The move comes after an FDA chemist was charged with operating an insider trading scheme involving the agency's decisions. Report

> The EU has approved Trobalt, a new seizure drug developed by GlaxoSmithKline and Valeant. Report

> The FDA has extended fast track status to Nile Therapeutics' post-acute development program for cenderitide. Report

Pharma News

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> Jury: Abbott breached GSK deal, but not competition law. Article

> Supreme Court weighs generic labeling case. Report

> Merck pays 2,000-plus docs $20.4M for speaking. News

> J&J splits off troubled consumer-drug unit. Story

> CMS payment plan confirms coverage for Provenge. Report

Vaccines News

> Interview: VaxInnate plots its future following HHS contact. Article

> FDA approves Merck's Zostavax for more adults. Report

> Gates funds two Indian vaccine firms. Story

> Researchers work towards seafood allergy vax. Item

> Pfizer's Prevnar and Sanofi's ActHIB cleared for Japanese market. News

Manufacturing News

> BMS, Pfizer offload logistics to willing shippers. News

> Indian officials trip over 2D tracking codes. Story

> GSK plies savings from green initiatives. News

> AZ, BMS, Lilly, Pfizer make investor's cut. Report

> Worker deaths probed at Dr. Reddy's plants. Article

> Pallet-maker war goes public. Article

And Finally... Smoking kills half a million men and women in the U.S. each year, according to a new report. Story