The FDA made Arena’s day by approving its anti-obesity drug

The approval of Arena’s Lorcaserin, a weight loss pill by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has come as fantastic news for this pharmaceutical company, which had harsh criticism and wild-guessing for almost a year now to its list. The approval of this drug, has made it the first novel weight loss medication to be hitting the U.S. drug market in a span of 13 years, thereby providing a huge success to the drug manufacturer. Following the news of FDA approval for Lorcaserin, the shares of Arena have shot up tremendously, which were growing at a snail’s pace till last week. It has been found that the sales of previous weight loss medications has been seriously hampered, with the high-profile safety concerns doing rounds and clouding the whole clinical area. Also, it is a fact that modifications of diet as well as inculcating a daily exercise regime is still the most preferred approach for weight loss issues by most physicians and obese patients, due to its safety and long term effective nature. The Lorcaserin medication approved by FDA is ready to hit the market as Belviq. The drug company and its partner is currently on clasp to obtain the results of six post marketing investigative studies that are required for cautiously assessing the risk of heart attack or stroke. The drug has been approved for use as an adjunct for a lower-calorie restricted diet along with enhanced physical activity for management of chronic weight. It is recommended in adult obese individuals with an initial BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or more as well as in overweight people with BMI of 27 or more and afflicted with a minimum one weight allied comorbid clinical condition such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, etc. For more: 4th lane, 278 Stockton, California states, USA