FDA lifts hold on Entereg; Skyepharma shares surge; Trial deaths investigated;

> Adolor says the FDA has lifted its clinical hold on its NDA for Entereg. Report 

> Shares of the U.K.'s Skyepharma surged 10 percent on the news that its third Phase III trial of the asthma drug Flutiform ended successfully. Just one trial remains before a planned NDA. Story

> The CEO of Neurobiological Technologies, Paul Freiman, is planning to retire. Report

> Lawmakers and not-for-profit groups are pushing the feds to help clear a backlog of some 900 whistleblower lawsuits--and a sizable number of those were filed against drugmakers, the Washington Post reports. Report

> Thanks in part to a free, not-for-profit website that connects patients to assistance programs offered by drugmakers, more and more needy people are getting the medications they need for free or at low cost, the Washington Post reports. Report

> Remember that study that seemed to show that drugs FDA approved on deadline were more likely to end up with safety problems? Since its March publication in the New England Journal of Medicine, FDA hit back, saying that the Harvard professor who did the research made mistakes. Well, now Daniel Carpenter admits that FDA did find mistakes--but when he corrected those mistakes and added more recent data, he said, his original finding still holds. Report

> The American Academy of Pediatrics say that more and more parents are resisting the vaccinations that are recommended for their children, and they're mounting a promotional campaign in an attempt to reverse the tide. Report

> In a move that should make it easier for millions of children in the U.S. to get their recommended vaccinations, a federal vaccine advisory panel has endorsed two new combination vaccinations. Report

And Finally... Polish officials are investigating the deaths of a number of homeless people who were recruited to take part in a clinical trial of a new avian flu vaccine trial. According to some of the officials, the people were told they were being given a conventional flu vaccine and paid only one or two euros. The director of the homeless shelter in the area said that he recorded 21 deaths last year, well above the annual average of eight. Report