FDA accepts Provenge app; Xigen raises $20M;

> The FDA has accepted Dendreon's application for Provenge and says it will respond by May 1, 2010. Release | Report

> Merck has redeived a positive opinion from the CHMP for its fertility treatment Elonva. Report

> Xigen, a Swiss biopharmaceutical company developing innovative cell-penetrating peptides, announced today the completion earlier this year of a Series B financing round in which it raised $20 million from existing investor Tilocor Life Science. Report

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> Blow up your sales force... or at least consider it. That's the message today from Deloitte Consulting, which has analyzed pharma sales and come up with some conclusions designed to provoke thought. Article

> Goldman Sachs: China's No. 1 pharma will be Pfizer. Report

> Plavix vs. Effient shows payer power. Article

> When a company hits the skids, fingers start to point. And lately, fingers have been pointing pretty forcefully at Henri Termeer (photo), CEO of the ill-fated company Genzyme. Naturally, inquiring minds want to know how Termeer has fared financially as his company has been suffering. The answer? Not too shabbily.

> For several years now, Big Pharma has been scrambling to replace the revenues it's set to lose as blockbuster meds fall off patent. But it hasn't been enough for Moody's Investors Service. According to the Associated Press, the ratings firm issued a negative opinion on the entire industry, saying that drugmaker credit ratings will remain under pressure until 2012. Article

And Finally... November's biotech stocks to watch. Report