EyeSense AG achieves three fold Increase in duration of Continuous Monitoring Action for glucose sensing technology.

Basel, Switzerland / Grossostheim, Germany (PRWEB) February 02, 2012

EyeSense AG achieves three fold Increase in duration of Continuous Monitoring Action for glucose sensing technology.

Potential demonstrated to lower patient glucose monitoring costs by at least 50% compared to market leader.

EyeSense AG today announced positive results from a Clinical study involving Type I Diabetic patients conducted at Heidelberg University in Germany that marks a key milestone in the Company's efforts to revolutionize Glucose testing through the use of its highly proprietary photometric sensor technology. The ultra-thin Optical Fiber sensor was tested as a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) system with placement transdermally under the skin of the abdomen or upper arm for a period of two weeks and was compared to two currently available CGM systems. Over a period of 14 days the EyeSense Fiber Sensor showed superior accuracy and stability versus maximum five day measurement ability for the current conventional systems. EyeSense will present the data at the upcoming Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes Meeting (ATTD) in Barcelona Spain from the 8th to 11th February.

According to Dr Achim Mueller Company CEO there was no reduction in the performance of the EyeSense Sensor during the 14 day period. "The comparative result represents a major advantage over the current electrochemical based systems where sensors need changing much more frequently leading to a significantly higher cost in use," said Dr Mueller. "The requirement for frequent sensor replacement has limited the reimbursement coverage for CGM systems in general. Moreover, accuracy over the whole two week period for the EyeSense sensor was clearly superior to current systems and very closely matched finger pricking results, especially for the upper arm placement.

"It is particularly exciting to show that this new CGM sensor technology has the potential to obtain accuracy equivalent to finger pricking over such an extended period," added Dr Mueller. "Based on these very encouraging results we have decided to quickly move forward with the development work needed to finalise the current design and begin approval studies during 2012. We believe that our highly accurate and long lasting Transdermal Sensor system is ideally positioned to combine with automatic insulin infusion pumps to form a closed feedback loop. The Company is currently seeking a licensing partner to assist with this development and bring the system to Market in mid 2014."

About EyeSense AG
Founded in 2006 EyeSense AG is a spin off venture from Novartis AGs eye care company CIBA Vision. The Company has developed a unique and revolutionary glucose sensor technology which has the potential to transform existing measurement techniques. The sensor can be inserted in one of two target body sites - under the skin of the abdomen in the interstitial fluid or below the conjunctiva of the eye. These alternate placements will allow entry into two very lucrative segments of the glucose monitoring market, one huge and mature (finger pricking) one emerging and growing (CGM).


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