Experts will tackle early-stage R&D challenges at Boston breakfast

All the big questions about drug development apply when it comes to early-stage R&D work.

  • How can you gain an edge in early-phase R&D work?
  • How do you pick which drugs to move out of preclinical and into early-stage development?
  • Is it really possible to evaluate a drug's market potential just when it is moving into the clinic?
  • What's the most efficient method for studying drugs in Phase I? And how ambitious should you be on efficacy?
  • Should biotechs start negotiating licensing deals for early-stage products or is it still best for smaller developers to wait for Phase II data?

And so on. Next month, on October 19, I'll be joined by a slate of drug development experts at our upcoming FierceBiotech Executive Breakfast in Boston who can help shape the answers.  Peter Mueller, the R&D chief at Vertex, will join Doug Williams, who heads research at Biogen Idec, Harvard's Omid Farokhzad and Fidelity Bioscience President Stephen Knight to discuss the key challenges everyone in biotech faces when they launch a fledgling clinical program into the valley of death.

You can find out more here. This will be our last FierceBiotech breakfast for the year. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for next year's schedule of events. We'll be putting that calendar together later this fall. Register now - John Carroll, Editor-in-Chief, FierceBiotech.