Expert Consortium Launches Chemistry Playbook®, Expedited CMC Solutions From Cambridge Major Laboratories, Xcelience, Beckloff

Expert Consortium Launches Chemistry Playbook®, Expedited CMC Solutions From Cambridge Major Laboratories, Xcelience, Beckloff Associates, and Avantium Pharma

Chemistry Playbook® Is a Series of Proven, Modular, Expedited CMC Solutions Designed to Accelerate Drug Development from Carbon to Commercialization

TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cambridge Major Laboratories, Inc., Avantium Pharma, Xcelience, LLC and Beckloff Associates have formed a consortium of expert client-focused companies to launch Chemistry Playbook®, an expedited CMC solutions program designed to accelerate drug development.

Cambridge Major Laboratories Chief Business Officer Brian Scanlan says, "Chemistry Playbook® accelerates drug development from carbon to commercialization by delivering where other competitive, expedited programs fall short: program execution. We came together as experts in our respective areas to build a modular program that could achieve the true goal of expedited CMC solutions."

Xcelience CEO & President Derek Hennecke adds, "Fixed timelines and price are easy to guarantee under ideal conditions (simple API synthesis, straightforward physical properties, or easy-to-formulate products), but in reality these are rare cases. Recognizing that each drug development candidate is unique, we fit the process to the situation, not the other way around. We started with the client needs and went from there."

Quality can vary across functional business units within larger service providers, but Chemistry Playbook's consortium model guarantees functional expertise and accountability at every stage.

Play Execution - From Gantt charts to handoffs, for individuals or the entire team; we've designed the plays to fit the situation.
Bench Strength - Access Beckloff Associates for CMC / regulatory oversight, Cambridge Major Laboratories for API, Avantium Pharma for solid state characterization, and Xcelience for formulation development expertise.
Four Stops, One Shop - Integrated commercial and billing processes provide natural pull and ease of doing business.
The consortium launched Chemistry Playbook® at a March 4 symposium at the headquarters of the Massachusetts Medical Society in Waltham, MA. Avantium Pharma's Vice President Business Development (North America), Andrei Winkler presented a case study that illustrated the advantages of accessing functional expertise across a series of integrated CMC service providers. Michael Beckloff, President of Beckloff Associates, provided opening remarks. According to Beckloff, "Innovator companies of all sizes are under pressure to reach critical milestones faster. Execution-based accelerated programs can provide significant advantage through time and cost savings."

Chemistry Playbook® was developed jointly by Cambridge Major Laboratories, Inc., Avantium Pharma, Xcelience, LLC and Beckloff Associates, a Cardinal Health Company.

For detailed information about each consortium member, visit:

Xcelience, LLC is a contract research organization which has been providing formulation development, API characterization , analytical services, and clinical trial manufacturing since 1997. The company has a solid reputation for accelerating early development activities to speed potential drugs to clinical trials while applying stage-specific scientific knowledge and experience.

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