Exco Intouch's Poll Identifies Mpro to Replace Traditional Technologies

Exco Intouch's Poll Identifies Mpro to Replace Traditional Technologies

  NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, United Kingdom, 05/05/2010 - Exco InTouch's poll identifies mPRO is replacing traditional technologies as method of Choice for ePRO.
  Exco InTouch, the leading provider of patient communication solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, has carried out a poll demonstrating the effectiveness of cellphone technology in clinical studies, following its recent webinar on "Moving from ePRO to mPRO". The webinar, in collaboration with Novartis, discussed distinct advantages of ePRO (electronic reported outcomes) using cellphone technology, known in the industry as mPRO (mobile patient reported outcomes), to accurately and reliably capture real-time patient data.

The webinar detailed a case study example of the benefits of mPRO over other traditional methods of reporting. The poll results revealed that 52% of responders indicated that they would consider using mPRO in their next eDiary evaluation. This demonstrated acceptance of mobile solutions in the marketplace and an increased enthusiasm for the use of cellphone technology in patient care management. This was reinforced by the fact that no responders discounted the use of mPRO for their future studies. The poll results also revealed that the frequency of assessment, quality of user interface, feedback and electronic reminder features of mPRO all help influence patient compliance, which is crucial for good data quality.

The webinar highlighted that a staggering 70% of the world's population own one of the five billion cellphones in the world. Recognising the increased use of cellphones in every day life gives ePRO sponsors a distinct advantage in data collection. Exco InTouch has worked with over 450,000 patients in 60 countries and has only needed to provide cell phones to 646 patients, further validating the benefits of cellphone technology in patient reported outcomes.

The benefits of mPRO were highlighted throughout the webinar, such as cost savings and increased patient safety from eliminating the inaccuracies caused by patients not completing paper diaries as well as helping pharmaceutical companies employ a technology platform that enables patient data capture while complying with FDA guidelines. These advantages in technology demonstrated the increased validity mPRO lends to the collection and evaluation of data for pharmaceutical studies.

Tim Davis, CEO, Exco InTouch, comments: "We received an overwhelming response to our webinar and as the poll demonstrates, respondents are keen to utilise mPRO in their next eDiary evaluation. Exco InTouch is leading the way in patient communication solutions with its three validated ePRO solutions spanning simple diaries to the most complex clinical assessments. Pharmaceutical companies are becoming increasingly interested in the benefits and use of mobile phone technology to manage patient's illnesses and medication, which also provides a positive user experience for both sponsors and subjects."

Exco InTouch's cellphone platform allows for consistent data throughout patient trials providing valid and quick response results in compliance with the recent FDA guidelines. Maintaining the need for privacy, mPRO uses the patient's own cell phone as an electronic data-collection platform, immediately transmitting all data to a secure central server, a feature not feasible with traditional methods of PROs. Recognising and harnessing these advantages in technology, demonstrates the increased validity mPRO lends to the collection and evaluation of data for pharmaceutical studies.

The collection of real-time, real-world patient experience data that is reliable, valid, and sensitive to drug effects is all a reality with mPRO.

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About Exco InTouch
Exco InTouch (excointouch.com) is the leading provider of interactive patient communication solutions using internet and cell phone technology. Using a combination of software and services, Exco InTouch offers BioPharma sponsors, CROs and patient recruitment agencies the opportunity to improve patient recruitment, retention and compliance using timely notifications, alerts and two-way messages.

Additionally, Exco collects electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) and diary data using standard cell phone technology which is both cost effective for sponsors and extremely easy and convenient for trial subjects. These solutions are currently being used by hundreds of thousands of patients in over 70 countries, delivered in the local language and are fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and all electronic communication privacy directives.