Ex-Lilly neuroscience chief heads to J&J

As it turns out, former Eli Lilly neuroscience chief David Bredt didn't step down because of the company's setbacks in that field. Bredt has landed a new job in the neuroscience research group at Johnson & Johnson, which is looking to advance its own pipeline of drugs for Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases.

Bredt was courted by the global head of neuroscience at J&J, Husseini Manji. "We think the science is exploding, and we can enhance our efforts," Manji said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal Health Blog. Bredt will start his new position on Monday, where he will oversee development of new drugs and "ways for measuring their worth, such as biomarkers and animal models for testing the molecules," according to the WSJ report.

- here's the WSJ story