Ex-CombinatoRx CEO gets back to start-up mode

Alexis Borisy, who bounced out of the CEO's office at CombinatoRx last summer after a lead program foundered, has taken up a role at Third Rock Ventures. And Xconomy reports that he's also helming a start-up called Foundation Medicine.

Borisy tells the tech site that he arrived at Third Rock last fall, settling in as an entrepreneur-in-residence a few months after leaving CombinatoRx--the company's share price had crashed, forcing a restructuring--which went on to merge with NeuroMed. And it's been a good fit, he adds, matching his entrepreneurial skills to the fund's focus on game-changing companies.

"When we founded Third Rock, we realized great companies take more than just great science; they require passionate people who share our commitment to making a difference for patients," Third Rock partner Kevin Starr told Xconomy in an e-mail. "Alexis is one of those rare people that has the tools to take a disruptive idea and transform it into an exciting vision for a company that will have a significant impact. He has made a big difference in the firm already and we are all very excited to work with him on our next generation of companies."

Borisy is keeping mum about Foundation Medicine, though, saying only that the company is focused on personalized medicine.

- here's the report from Xconomy