European pipeline likely to stay thin to 2009

GlaxoSmithKline appears to be best situated among the European pharma companies to weather the drought of new products that set in with a vengeance in 2007 and appears to be continuing well into 2008. Glaxo launched nine late-stage studies last year, an encouraging sign to the analysts. Roche also has been active on the research front, though mostly in the pursuit of new approvals for existing meds.

But overall, say the analysts, don't look to Europe for many new chemical entity approvals in '08. Many are looking past this year into 2009, when Big Pharma faces a slate of patent losses for blockbusters. Sanofi, which faces looming generic competition, is betting on experimentals like aflibercept and S-1 and the antidepressant saredutant to save the day. Without new products to take their place, many of these giants are likely to feel a significant amount of heat.

- check out the report from BusinessWeek

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