EuroBiotech—More Articles of Note

(NS Newsflash/CC BY 2.0)

> GlaxoSmithKline offloaded its gene therapy portfolio to Orchard Therapeutics. The deal sees GSK gain a 20% stake in the gene therapy specialist and secure a stream of milestones and royalties in return for its approved portfolio and investigational pipeline. Statement

> Kenneth Newman, M.D., has resigned as Verona Pharma CMO. Release

> Genfit’s phase 3 NASH trial hit an enrollment milestone. Statement

> Nanobiotix signed up to work with MD Anderson Cancer Center on its oncology drug NBTXR3. Release 

> Pharnext raised €16 million ($20 million) in a private placement. Statement

> Argenx cleared the third preclinical milestone in its ARGX-112 collaboration with LEO Pharma. Release