EuroBiotech: More Articles of Note

(NS Newsflash/CC BY 2.0)

> Shares in GenSight tumbled after a phase 3 trial of its gene therapy missed its primary endpoint. The vision of Leber hereditary optic neuropathy patients enrolled in the trial improved after receiving the therapy, but the trial also reported improvements in the vision of untreated eyes. Statement

> Oryzon moved ORY-2001 into a phase 2a Alzheimer’s trial. Release

> Motif Bio began the rolling FDA submission for antibiotic iclaprim. Statement 

> ThromboGenics advanced anti-PlGF drug THR-317 after getting a look at phase 1/2 data. The next trial will assess the diabetic macular edema drug in combination with an anti-VEGF therapy. Release

> AC Immune picked tau small molecules to move into human testing in Alzheimer’s disease. A phase 1 trial is due to start by the end of the year. Statement

> Shares in Santhera rose after it wrapped up a clinical trial of congenital muscular dystrophy drug omigapil. Novartis originally developed the asset. Release