EuroBiotech: More Articles of Note


> F-star named Darlene Deptula-Hicks as CFO. The appointment of a U.S.-based financial chief with experience at publicly traded biotechs comes as F-star increases its focus on internal assets. Release 

> BioNTech and Genmab began a first-in-human trial of a PD-L1x4-1BB bispecific in solid tumors. Statement  

> CyTuVax posted data from a phase 2 trial of hepatitis B vaccine HBAI20. The Dutch biotech thinks HBAI20 may work in non-responders to existing vaccines. Release  

> Oncopeptides presented phase 2 data on melflufen in multiple myeloma. Analysts at Jefferies said the response rate underscored the potential of the peptide-conjugated alkylator. Release  

> Oryzon posted dose-finding results from a phase 2 trial of Iadademstat in acute myeloid leukemia. Four-fifths of participants responded to the drug. Statement  

> Medigene shared an updated interim analysis of its acute myeloid leukemia trial. Two of the five early relapses showed mutational load upon entering the study. Release