Eureka Genomics Launches 16S Metagenomics Next Generation Sequencing & Bioinformatics Services

HERCULES, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Eureka Genomics (EG), a global leader in next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics services, officially launched their 16S metagenomics analysis service.

Eureka Genomics teamed with Robert C. Edgar, PhD, a leading computational biologist, to develop state-of-the-art proprietary algorithms that allow EG to offer a flexible, cost-effective 16S metagenomic analysis service. Dr. Edgar’s significant contributions to the analysis of sequence data include the development of MUSCLE (one of the most popular programs in biology with >5,600 citations to date), UCHIME (the most sensitive and efficient algorithm published to date for detection of chimeric amplicons in 16S metagenomics) and OTUPIPE (a new method for creating OTUs; used in the Human Microbiome Project).

The Eureka Genomics 16S metagenomics service leverages the high throughput of Illumina sequencing with EG’s ability to massively multiplex samples, to parse massively multiplexed samples and to perform quality filtering, clustering and classification of this large amount of data. EG’s 16S metagenomics service utilizes the most up-to-date analytical solutions, is flexible, and serves the needs of a broad range of clients, from the microbiologist with a few samples, to the scientist with a thousand samples, to the biologist needing ultra-deep 16S metagenomics analysis on individual samples.

“Eureka Genomics is excited to offer a quantum leap in quality 16S metagenomics. Clients can send extracted DNA, a sequencing-ready library or sequence data. This service fulfills real needs of the biological community, will enable discoveries through population/comparative analysis, and is complementary to EG’s shotgun metagenomic service,” says Adrian Costa, National Sales Manager for Eureka Genomics.

“Eureka Genomics empowers its customers with all the tools needed to conceptualize, perform, and interpret data from the innovative studies in human microbiome, biofuels, industrial enzymes, microbial genomics, bioremediation, crop protection, comparative population biology, microbial oil recovery, disease-associated pathogen discovery and others,” added Costa.

About Eureka Genomics: EG is a leader in advanced bioinformatics analysis of next-generation sequencing data, which it applies to the discovery of microorganisms associated with cancers and other life threatening diseases, the development of molecular diagnostics and the genotyping of massive numbers of samples. EG leverages its proprietary algorithms and biological problem-solving expertise and provides collaborative, cost-effective high quality sequencing and analysis services to a broad range of university, government and industry researchers worldwide.


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