Eurand Granted Priority Review for Zentase NDA

Eurand Granted Priority Review for Zentase NDA

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Philadelphia, PA – February 21, 2008 – Eurand, a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops enhanced pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products based on its proprietary drug formulation technologies, announced today that the New Drug Application ("NDA") for Zentase™ (EUR-1008) was accepted and has been granted priority review by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Gearóid Faherty, Chief Executive Officer of Eurand, commented, "We are extremely pleased with the FDA decision to grant Zentase priority review. We understand that the typical FDA review period of a drug with priority review status is six months versus a standard 10-month review.  In the interim, we remain focused on the build-out of our U.S. specialty sales force in preparation for the potential commercialization of Zentase.”

Zentase is a porcine-derived pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy which is being developed to treat pancreatic insufficiency, a condition associated with CF, chronic pancreatitis and other conditions. The product is a highly stable formulation that includes eight key enzymes and a number of coenzymes and cofactors and is biologically similar to endogenous human pancreatic secretions necessary for proper human digestion. Eurand completed its rolling NDA submission in December 2007.

About Eurand

Eurand is a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops enhanced pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products based on its proprietary drug formulation technologies.  Eurand has had four products approved by the FDA since 2001 and has a pipeline of product candidates in development for itself and its collaboration partners.  Eurand has completed two phase III clinical trials on its lead product candidate, Zentase, intended for the treatment of Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency and has submitted an NDA for this product.  Eurand’s technology platforms include bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble drugs, customized release, taste-masking/fast-dissolving formulations and drug conjugation.

Eurand is a global company with facilities in the USA and Europe.  For more information, visit Eurand’s website at

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