Establishment of Takeda California, Inc. by Integration of Takeda San Diego, Inc. and Takeda San Francisco, Inc.

Osaka, Japan, December 21, 2011-Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Takeda) announced today the decision to integrate two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Takeda San Diego, Inc. (TSD) and Takeda San Francisco, Inc. (TSF) on January 1, 2012. TSD will become the surviving company and change its name to Takeda California, Inc. (TCAL) the same day. Keith Wilson, current president of TSD, will become the president of the new company.

To increase the new drug discovery capability of Takeda, TSD was established in March 2005 by acquiring U.S. Syrrx, which was effectively applying the high-speed X-ray protein crystal structure analysis technology towards the design of potential new medicines. TSD has since contributed to the in-house development of R&D pipelines such as SYR-322 (generic name: alogliptin, trade name in Japan: Nesina), treatment for type 2 diabetes. TSF was established in November 2007 to build a sophisticated technology platform for discovery, activity enhancement, and manufacturing of antibody therapeutics.

Because of the integration of the two subsidiaries, the combination of the excellent platform technology of TSD and expertise of therapeutic antibody research accumulated by TSF will further increase the R&D capability of new drug discovery. In addition, further improvement of communication in the research activities will improve operational efficiency.

"Establishment of TCAL has enhanced the research system in the U.S." said Paul Chapman, General Manager of the Pharmaceutical Research Division. "We will accelerate our efforts to create innovative drugs to fulfill unmet medical needs while maximizing the synergy of the research activities following the integration, and enhancing the research networks among Japan, U.S., Europe, and Asia based on the Shonan Research Center."