Epiphany to push virology work with $36M round

Epiphany Biosciences has gained $36 million in its first round, enough money to push a therapy for varicella zoster virus through Phase IIb. Part of those funds are also earmarked for Epiphany's development of HHV-8/KSHV screening diagnostics. The CEO of Epiphany, Fred Volinsky, told Bioworld Today that the goal of the company is to "totally redefine virology." While dormant in most adults, zoster can cause shingles or postherpetic neuralgia. And Epiphany believes that a rapidly aging population will significantly increase the number of people who suffer from it.

"Epiphany has assembled one of the finest virology teams in life science today, a group that includes our Chief Scientific Officer Michael Houghton, PhD, Chief Medical officer Brian Murphy, MD, MBA, co-founder Robert Gallo, MD, and Scientific Advisory Board members Drs. Roger Kornberg, Hans Wigzell, Yuan Chang, Patrick Moore, and other eminent scientists and clinicians," said Volinsky.

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