ePharmaSolutions Launches Version 4.0 of its Award Winning Clinical Trial Portal

ePharmaSolutions Launches Version 4.0 of its Award Winning Clinical Trial Portal
CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- ePharmaSolutions, a leading provider of clinical research technologies and niche clinical services launches Version 4.0 of its Clinical Trial Portal Solution with new functionality and additional workflow to support global enterprise implementations.

"Our latest release includes several new features many of our clients have requested to help improve support site feasibility, study management and patient recruitment/enrollment," stated Steven Beales, ePharmaSolutions' Vice President of Information Technology.  

ePharmaSolutions' Clinical Trial Portal (CTP) is used by more than 185,000 clinical researchers in 107 countries to help accelerate and improve site feasibility, training, activation and patient enrollment.  Version 4.0 includes new functionality such as eMVR (Electronic Monitor Visit Report) to support the authoring, completion and submission of on and offline monitor trip reports with electronic signature, an improved SFA (Site Feasibility Application) with self-service access to over 200,000 clinical investigators in 127 countries, and the PRM (Patient Recruitment Manager) solution that integrates an IRB/EC material management application with an on demand ordering/tracking feature for global studies.  PRM also tracks the impact of recruitment tactics and provides a comparison of planned vs. actual enrollment metrics at the site, country and study levels.  Integrated reporting allows our clients to automate forecasting calculations and contingency planning for the study.  

"We have also made significant progress integrating with some of the leading CTMS and IVRS vendors to implement single-sign-on and ensure a two-way transfer of data can be completed with little, if any, data discrepancy errors between the systems," added Beales. "The CTP can also programmatically populate the user administration/activation forms for 14 of the leading clinical trial technologies, reducing the time it takes to get a user activated in each system being used on a particular study," Beales continued.

ePharmaSolutions' Clinical Trial Portal (CTP) provides biopharmaceutical companies and CROs with a fully validated solution to help accelerate and improve study start-up and site management through a variety of "Site Friendly" components that include: site feasibility application (SFA), secure document exchange (SDE), safety letter distribution (SLD), electronic monitor visit reporting (eMVR), learning management system (LMS), and the patient recruitment manager (PRM).  Future plans in 2010 include the inclusion of a grant payment tracking application for sponsors/sites and integration of 80 million EMR records into its investigator database for improved decision support during the site selection process.

About ePharmaSolutions, Inc.

ePharmaSolutions is a leading provider of technology-based clinical services that help improve the way sites are selected, trained, activated and supported to commence clinical trials and meet enrollment goals. ePharmaSolutions has activated and trained more than 185,000 clinical researchers in 107 countries for the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world. ePharmaSolutions is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For more information call 610-832-9915 or visit www.epharmasolutions.com.

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