The Environment: Carbon Emissions Aren't the Only Problem

Providing a solution to the problem of increased landfill, UK Company BCW Office products chooses Austin, Texas as it's USA headquarters to launch a range of biodegradable, plastic office products.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 2, 2007 -- For decades people have been accustomed to throwing away their waste without worrying about the environmental consequences. Whilst it is true that many more people recycle, 80% of post consumer waste plastic is still sent to landfill. This has serious consequences for future generations as most plastic is non degradable and can take many hundreds of years to break down. Additionally, some of this plastic waste is incinerated which releases toxic fumes into the environment and requires significant energy to action.

To combat the environmental issues that everyone is facing, a UK company, BCW Office Products, has chosen Austin for its USA head quarters to educate and promote environmentally safe office products.

BCW have a product range of fully biodegradable plastic office products such as files, wallets, dividers, cups and the like. BCW's range of products is by no means restricted to this as they are able to produce virtually anything in this material.

They key to the process is the use of a specially formulated additive that works with existing polyproplene and causes the plastic to fully degrade within 8 to 12 months.

When placed in landfill, the plastic product actually ends up as a biomass which feeds the natural bacteria in the soil.

Additionally, the cost of these products is comparable to regular, non degradable, plastic office products. Phil Crawshay, CEO of BCW Office Products says "There is simply no need to continue to use non degradable plastics whilst a cost effective and environmentally responsible alternative now exists. It will do the environment good as well as the image of your company".