endpoint Transforms IRT Landscape with SaaS Offering Tailored to Customer Needs

SAN FRANCISCO, June 16, 2014  --

Access to endpoint's PULSE configuration software internalizes the IRT system build process for companies conducting clinical trials

endpoint today announced the availability of its PULSE™ platform as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product. endpoint's PULSE platform has been used to configure and deploy Interactive Response Technology (IRT) systems for hundreds of clinical trials accessible via phone (IVR), web (IWR) and mobile (IMR) modalities by leading international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. While other e-clinical technologies such as EDC have migrated to a licensed, configurable model, the IRT industry as a whole has lagged behind this approach. endpoint's SaaS program is the first IRT offering to fill this void by addressing both the technology as well as the varying IRT knowledge base across the industry.

endpoint's SaaS program roll-out allows for a customized service to be offered to each customer based not only on the customer's current setup and IRT knowledgebase, but also according to longer term goals. Recognizing the variance of IRT experience and needs across the industry, endpoint provides a full training/certification program at all stages of configuration, testing, and development which will enable the customer to take on any or all stages of the IRT development process at a pace that is most suited for their priorities.  

"After endpoint pioneered the single-configuration IRT system design platform with the development of PULSE, we continued to enhance the product until it evolved into a robust user-friendly design tool for our customers. Now, by licensing PULSE as a SaaS solution for certified users, we are equipping our customers with a high quality, flexible product, which gives them control in the design of IRT systems that adequately address requirements of their current and future clinical trials," said Jon Dole, CEO and co-founder of endpoint.

"As legacy IRT solutions crowding the clinical trials space become further outdated, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are forced to choose between making massive investments to rebuild existing IRT infrastructure, or outsourcing IRT services to a more current IRT vendor to support today's clinical trials needs," adds COO and co-founder Tom O'Connell. "Neither choice is ideal; both options come with their own set of challenges and short-term gains. By offering endpoint's cutting-edge PULSE 3.0 platform directly to our customers to configure their own studies, we provide a unique solution to fulfill the industry's current IRT technology need".

The endpoint PULSE platform and SaaS capabilities will be demonstrated at the 50th Annual Drug Information Association (DIA) conference on June 16-19th in San Diego, CA, where endpoint will be at booth #2125. Clients can also learn more about endpoint at http://www.endpointclinical.com.

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About endpoint  

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, endpoint is the premier provider of interactive response technologies (IRT) systems and solutions for the clinical trials industry. endpoint's proprietary IRT system configuration engine PULSE ™ provides non-technical users with the necessary tools to design and deploy customized IRT solutions to meet the unique needs of any given clinical trial for randomization services and supply chain management.

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