Endo Pharma CEO plots new round of deals

Over the past year Endo's new CEO, David Holveck (photo), has been steadily shifting the company's focus from pain management to new therapeutic arenas like oncology, doing $900 million worth of deals. And the CEO says he's far from done with the makeover. 

With the New Year looming, Holveck, the former CEO of Centocor, tells the Philadelphia Business Journal that he's planning a string of new deals, including acquisitions, licensing deals and new development pacts. He explains that he's particularly interested in pelvic health drugs, diagnostics and devices.

Holveck engineered the $370 million buyout of Indevus Pharmaceuticals last March. And he quickly followed that up by laying off a quarter of Indevus' staff and moving its research facility from Massachusetts to Endo's labs in Pennsylvania.

- read the story in the Philadelphia Business Journal