Elan re-explores drug delivery spin-off; Banner Alzheimer's Institute gets $6.5M from NIH;

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> Researcher: New vaccine "could eliminate breast cancer." Story

> With the improved financial environment, Elan is re-exploring the potential spin-out of its drug delivery unit. The developer says that potential investors are more positive about move now then when it was first considered in 2008. Story

> The Banner Alzheimer's Institute has received $6.5 million from the NIH, which will create 100 construction jobs and 34 permanent research jobs in Phoenix. Report

> SynapDx, a provider of diagnostic testing for the early detection of autism, has raised $9 million in Series A funding. Report

> Vaccine maker CSL has recalled its padiatric flu shot in Australia after investigations failed to explain a significant increase in fever and convulsions, according to Bloomberg. News

> The drug industry is watching some of its biggest drugs go off patent, but seems unable to produce new meds to take their place. Forbes' scribe Matthew Herper wonders wonders whether the industry's secrecy is preventing new drug development. Piece

And Finally... Are biotech lab workers exposed to hazardous conditions? Report

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