Dynavax shares jump on promising hep C data

Shares of Dynavax Technologies spiked 30 percent this morning after the developer announced that two early stage trials of its experimental hepatitis C drug SD-101 showed the therapy appeared safe as it spurred anti-viral activity.

The data showed that the drug stimulated levels of interferons the body produces to fight hepatitis C, outperforming the first-generation drugs in the field. The trial looked at four doses of the drug among 34 patients. "One hundred percent of patients at the highest dose experiencing a greater than one log reduction in viral load," researchers report.

"The unique and highly potent pattern of IFN-lambda and IFN-alpha induction by SD-101 represents a novel, differentiated approach for HCV," says Chief Medical Officer, J. Tyler Martin, M.D. "The safety and antiviral activity demonstrated in this Phase 1b study compares favorably to current treatments, and we believe that further study may support a role for SD-101 as a supplement to current or emerging therapies to treat HCV."

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