Dynamic Proteomics Empowers Pivotal Healthcare Decisions

KineMed, Inc. will present advances in its core proteomics platform that enable better decisions across the spectrum of healthcare, from the creation of better, evidence-based medicines to personalized medicine choices, at Biotech Showcase 2012

EMERYVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- KineMed, Inc. (www.kinemed.com) announced today that David Fineman, KineMed’s CEO, will present at the 2012 Biotech Showcase on Monday, January 9th at 2:15 p.m. in the Hearst Room at the Parc 55 Windham Hotel -- Union Square, San Francisco.

Mr. Fineman’s presentation, entitled “Pivotal Decisions in Healthcare Empowered by Dynamic Proteomics,” will assess the current and future impact of recent rapid expansion of the power of KineMed’s proteomics platform to assay the kinetics of cellular proteins.

“2011 has seen dramatic advances in our journey, from the ability to query single molecules to the dynamics of the entire proteome, in a single tissue sample or drop of blood,” said Mr. Fineman. “At Biotech Showcase 2012, we will look beyond our current ability to discover and validate novel drug targets, to broader emerging healthcare applications of our platform.

“We will show how resolution of the dimension of time is allowing us to build an ever more powerful platform for unraveling the complex real-time biology of disease. In pushing these boundaries we are offering possibilities to revolutionize adjacent medical technology spaces such as histopathology and enhance quantitative medical decision making, for instance in surgery, where the detection of changes in biochemical activity across a biopsy sample may inform margin optimization in cancer treatment. KineMed’s techniques, which probe beneath the surface of common symptoms, are illuminating the causal mechanisms of diseases and contributing to the goals of truly personalized evidence-based medicine. Our discovery and validation of multiple biomarkers for drug development is of very real relevance to the clarion call for companion diagnostics and medical diagnostics to ensure that the right patient is targeted with the right drug at the right time.”

Dr. Marc Hellerstein, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman of KineMed’s Scientific Advisory Board, will present further scientific details of recent advances at the Personalized Medicine World Conference on January 23rd, 2012 in Mountain View, CA.

About KineMed, Inc.

KineMed, Inc., based in California, is a world-leader in measuring dynamic biochemical processes that cause disease. Collaboration with KineMed offers deep expertise and access to technology to accelerate and lower the cost of drug R&D, as well as enabling new disease-modifying therapies, and the diagnosis and monitoring of patients. KineMed’s patented mass spectrometric technologies measure molecular fluxes in living tissues through the complex molecular and cellular networks that are responsible for disease.

KineMed’s established programs with premier pharmaceutical collaborators address critical challenges facing drug discovery:

  • Focus on causes rather than symptoms: Generating pivotal knowledge for developing blockbuster drugs, by targeting underlying biochemical causes
  • Systems biology approach: Insight into intact living systems, rather than simplified models, ensures that drug effects are understood in their intended biological context
  • Reduce late-stage attrition: Early, decision-relevant metrics of drug activity separate winners from losers and reduce later failures to improve the NPV of R&D spend
  • Powerful assays of disease state: Custom-developed assays create companion diagnostic tests for personalized medicine

KineMed is seeking broad collaborations with pharmaceutical, CRO, histopathology, diagnostics, medical instruments and biotechnology partners.

For more information about KineMed, please visit: http://www.kinemed.com

About Biotech Showcase

Biotech Showcase brings together 1,500 leading life sciences business development and investment professionals and takes place at the Parc 55 Windham Hotel located on Union Square in San Francisco. This conference is concurrent with the 30th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, concentrating thousands of life sciences professionals in the San Francisco area at one time.

For more information about Biotech Showcase, please visit: http://www.ebdgroup.com/bts/index.php


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