Drug makers to face many battles with Dems

For years, the pharmaceutical industry enjoyed the benefits of a Republican-controlled Congress. Figures such as Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), Billy Tauzin (R-LA) and former CMS administrator Thomas Scully helped create policies and programs that favored the industry. "Now the prospects of the industry's giants have taken a turn. After spending an estimated $10 million on Republican incumbent candidates ahead of this year's mid-term elections--Democrats received about $4.5 million--no other sector is expected to face as hostile a reception on Capitol Hill after the Democrats take over in 2007." A representative for trade organization/lobbying group PhRMA noted that it's time for the industry to woo Democrats, particularly those who are pro-business. And that can't happen a moment too soon. As John Mack of the Pharma Marketing Blog points out, the drug industry is going to face battles on a number of fronts, including the price of prescription drugs, an overhaul of Medicare Part D, greater DTC regulation and increased scrutiny of the FDA.

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