Dr. Michael A Ross, MD, Appointed As CEO Of Euclid Systems Corporation

HERNDON, Va., Dec. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Euclid Systems Corporation has announced the appointment of Dr. Michael A Ross, MD, as their new CEO to be effective January 1, 2015.  He will be succeeding Dr. Bruce DeWoolfson, who will be continuing with the Company as Chairman and working on the R+D program.

Dr. Ross joined the Company in 2012 in the position of Chief Operating Officer, with the intent to transition to CEO, and has been working with Dr. DeWoolfson to understand the business the Company since then.  Dr. Ross has been responsible for the change in direction and management in the Company's China subsidiary, which is now experiencing growth in excess of 90% annually. Dr. DeWoolfson noted that "our market is rapidly expanding as consumers understand the benefits of Ortho-K for children, and Dr. Ross has been an integral part of our recent success.  I am confident that he has the skills and drive to lead the Company."

Dr. Ross commented that "I am honored and privileged to follow Bruce DeWoolfson, who has taken Euclid to its present position in the market, and I look forward, with his assistance and guidance, to moving it to the next level.  We have an exciting product that helps children worldwide by preventing their myopia (nearsightedness) from progressing during their teenage years."

Prior to joining Euclid, Dr. Ross was the President and COO of the U.S. division of Cadila Pharmaceuticals, LTD, a privately help India based company and President of EP Therapeutics, a preclinical oncology company based in Connecticut.  Dr. Ross practiced medicine in the Washington DC area for 27 years before entering industry.  He served as an elected member of the INOVA Executive Committee from 2003 to 2007.  He received a BS in Chemistry and Biology from Dickenson College, and an M.D. from George Washington University Medical School, where he also did his residency.

About Euclid Systems Corporation:  Euclid Systems Corporation, with headquarters and manufacturing in Herndon, Virginia, and with offices in Shanghai and Beijing China, is a leading manufacturer of Orthokeratology lens products for myopia control.  Euclid's EMERALD lens has received FDA approval in the U.S. as well as regulatory approvals from numerous countries in Asia and Europe, and is the only Ortho-K product registered by both the U.S. FDA and the China CFDA.

About Orthokeratology:  Orthokeratology (or Ortho-K) is the practice of using a specially designed Rigid Gas Permeable (RPG) lens, worn only at night while sleeping, to provide clear vision during the day to children and adults with nearsightedness (myopia).  Ortho-K has been gaining rapid acceptance worldwide, and especially in China, as an increasing number of studies show that the use of these lenses by children during their teenage growth years retards the progression of myopia.

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