Dr. Maarten van Cleeff Elected New President of TB Alliance Stakeholders Association

Dr. Maarten van Cleeff Elected New President of TB Alliance Stakeholders Association
New SHA President Joins Board of Directors as Member Ex Officio
The Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (TB Alliance) today announced the election of Dr. Maarten van Cleeff as President of its Stakeholders Association. Dr. van Cleeff will also serve as an Ex Officio member of the TB Alliance's Board of Directors.

The TB Alliance is a not-for-profit, product development partnership leading the discovery and development of affordable, new TB drugs that will shorten and simplify treatment, be effective against drug-resistant strains, and be compatible with antiretroviral therapies for patients coinfected with HIV. The Alliance currently manages the largest portfolio of potential new TB drugs ever assembled, including three compounds in advanced clinical trials.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for Dr. van Cleeff and the TB Alliance," said Dr. Mel Spigelman, President and CEO, TB Alliance.. "As President of the TB Alliance Stakeholders Association, Dr. van Cleeff will utilize his extensive background in the field of tuberculosis research and delivery of care for the benefit of the millions of patients the TB Alliance is working to benefit."

The TB Alliance's Stakeholders Association, includes representatives from a diverse set of organizations and governments from around the world who share a clear interest and a significant stake in developing new TB drugs.

Dr. Maarten van Cleeff has nearly three decades of international experience in the TB field, and currently works at KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation as Project Director of The Tuberculosis Coalition for Technical Assistance (TBCTA). He served for 10 years working in Tanzania's National TB and Leprosy Program and an additional 11 years as a Public Health Consultant for the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, specializing in Tuberculosis Control. At that institution, he also served in prominent roles such as the head of the Infectious Diseases section and the head of the Health Department. Dr. van Cleeff holds an MSc from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a PhD from the University of Amsterdam.

"TB control is a long fight and continues to face many hurdles and challenges," stated Dr. Maarten van Cleeff. "The Global STOP TB policy focuses on universal access to early diagnosis and quality treatment. The development and availability of new drugs is a top priority and involves a wide range of expertise. This is the aim of the TB Alliance, and it can be achieved with active participation of its Stakeholders. I am very pleased to contribute to this effort and feel honored to succeed Prof. Petro Terblanche as President of the TB Alliance Stakeholders Association."