DNASequencing.com and a Portfolio of 318 'Genetic' Domain Names to be Auctioned Off at Epik.com Domain Development Conference

Biotech industry leaders and companies associated with the Human Genome Project to compete for industry-defining domain names and genetic informational websites

SEATTLE, Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Epik.com, a leading domain name development company, will release a list of DNA and Genetic developed domain names to be auctioned off on September 16, at 1:30 pm at the Bell Harbor Conference Center Bay Auditorium in Seattle. The domain auction is part of the inaugural Epik.com Domain Developers Conference being held September 15 – 17.  The live auction event is open to the public.

The auction lot contains the premium domain name and website www.DNASequencing.com, as well as an additional 318 DNA and genetics-related informational domain names. Scientists believe DNA sequencing will revolutionize preventative medicine, as knowing the genetic blueprints of an individual will reveal predispositions for specific conditions and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, addiction, etc and lead to 'personalized medicine'.

"Owning a massive amount of Internet Real Estate associated with DNA Sequencing, genetic mapping and personalized medicine can be a windfall for a biotechnology company that wants to control the space and capture the associated Internet search traffic," says Rob Monster, Chairman and CEO of Epik.com. "Companies like Illumina, Complete Genomics, Pacific Biosystems, IBM, Agilent, Alpha Biolab, Ambrygen, Biobasic, Elimbio, Genewiz, Genscript, Ion Torrent, Mpbio, Laragen, Sequenom, Sequetech, Seqwright, etc. could effectively control the marketplace overnight by owning these domains," said Monster.

The auction lot will feature such domains as DNAsequencing.com, DNAsequence.com, DNAmap.com, DNAcode.com, DNAlaboratory.com, GenomeCode.com, GenomeCodes.com, GeneticDoctor.com, GeneticLab.com, GeneticEngineer.com, GeneticTechnology.com and more.

Interested parties can participate in the live auction in-person or online through a real-time Internet interface. Those wanting to submit a proxy bid for the domain and website auction can contact Epik.com directly for more information and instructions. The auction is managed by Moniker® (www.moniker.com) and SnapNames® (www.snapnames.com), both Oversee.net® companies and providers of domain name registration, management, monetization, and brokerage services. Bidders can follow the auction live and, bid online or in person. Conference details can be found at: http://www.Epik.com/conf.

About Epik.com

Epik.com was founded in 2009 with a simple goal – to help domain investors evolve from a singular dependence on domain parking to a more diversified array of value creation strategies that unlock the potential associated with an intuitive domain name. Epik.com is based in Seattle and is a leading provider of managed solutions for domain investing serving the needs of individuals and institutions that seek exposure to the domain name asset class.





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