Delivra™ Announces Completion of an Analytical Skin Absorption Study for LivRelief Topical Pain Relief Cream

Clinical findings show the innovative Canadian delivra™ system penetrates into the skin and muscle 687% deeper than the ingredients in leading topical creams, bringing healing ingredients closer to the source of pain and inflammation.

Delivra™ Announces Completion of an Analytical Skin Absorption Study for LivRelief Topical Pain Relief Cream

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Delivra™, the Canadian-based biotechnology company and market leader in transdermal delivery technology, announces the results of and LivRelief Topical Pain Relief Cream. According to the findings, delivra™ technology is not only the first to successfully deliver a water-soluble molecule beneath the skin in significant concentrations, but it also penetrates healing ingredients 687% deeper into the dermis and muscle than the ingredients used in the leading topical pain relief creams.

These clinical trials confirmed delivra's ability to deliver water-soluble healing properties like Rutin (ruta graveolens), the active pain-reducing ingredient in Delivra's LivRelief , deep into the tissue to bring relief from pain and inflammation. With delivra's confirmed ability to penetrate six times deeper into affected tissue than leading cream bases, Delivra™ and LivRelief™ products are completely unique in the marketplace.

"We are thrilled with the findings from these clinical trials," stated Delivra's™ Chief Scientific Officer. "Having created the world's most unique transdermal delivery system, we have devoted years of intensive research and trials to perfecting this unique system. These findings confirm the effectiveness and success of the ground-breaking delivra transdermal system."

Additional clinical trials were performed using LivRelief™ Topical Pain Relief Cream, powered by delivra technology, with a group of people experiencing knee pain. Those with the worst knee pain and inflammation reported a 57% decrease in pain and inflammation after using LivRelief™, while those with the average and least amount of pain reported a 70% and 75% reduction in pain and inflammation, respectively.

Delivra's products LivSport, LivRelief Pain and LivRelief Nerve Pain creams are available at GNC stores across the U.S. and Canada or at .

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