Cytokinetics drug fails in three cancer indications

Cytokinetics' cancer drug ispinesib failed to deliver the kind of data researchers needed to advance the drug to the second phase of a Phase II study for three different cancer indications. The drug did deliver a response in four of 45 breast cancer patients, though, meeting the company's criteria to advance. The company plans to start the next phase of the study for breast cancer in the second half of this year. Researchers say the therapy did not meet the criteria set for liver cancer, melanoma and prostate cancer. The studies are being conducted as part of a collaboration between Cytokinetics and GlaxoSmithKline to develop small molecule therapeutics targeting human mitotic kinesins for a variety of diseases including cancer.

- see the release on the data
- read this report from StreetInsider
- and here's another report from MSN Money

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