Crohn's data indicates long-term Tysabri benefits

New data on a group of patients in remission for Crohn's disease after 12 months of treatment by Tysabri shows that 93 percent stayed in remission for another six infusions and 83 percent were in remission after an additional 12 infusions.

"What is truly exciting is that patients who enter remission on Tysabri may remain in remission in the long-term without loss of efficacy over time. These data are a significant advance for the field and suggest that Tysabri may be an alternative biologic outside the anti-TNF class for patients suffering from Crohn's disease," said Remo Panaccione director of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada. Tysabri is being developed by Elan and Biogen Idec.

- here's the AFX report on Tysabri

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