Congress wades into Right To Try; Eisai unloads a facility to Biogen;

@FierceBiotech: Singapore's big biotech push yields its first clinical contender. Story | Follow @FierceBiotech

@JohnCFierce: Interesting data points coming up on Alzheimer's, a field that makes giddy enthusiasts out of virtually all biz journalists. #odd | Follow @JohnCFierce

> Three members of the U.S. Congress have introduced a so-called Right To Try bill, seeking to restrict the FDA from standing in the way of patients trying to get access to unapproved medicines. News

> Eisai is handing over a North Carolina manufacturing facility to partner Biogen ($BIIB), planning to transfer about 100 employees in the process. More

> Galderma won FDA approval for its latest acne medication, called Epiduo Forte. Item

Medical Device News

@FierceMedDev: Illumina launches new lab service for HiSeq X sequencing systems. Story | Follow @FierceMedDev

@VarunSaxena2: ICYMI: Malaysian government approves 11 med tech projects worth $120M+. Report | Follow @VarunSaxena2

@EmilyWFierce: Cardiologists weigh in on #FDA's device oversight and 21st Century Cures Act. NYT story | Follow @EmilyWFierce

> EU funds development of a photonic-laser point-of-care cancer Dx device. More

> FDA approves the first implantable, above-the-knee prosthesis. Story

Pharma News

@FiercePharma: PetCure Spots Booming Market For Radiosurgery in Pets With Cancer. FierceAnimalHealth article | Follow @FiercePharma

@CarlyHFierce: Endo whistleblower nabs $33.6M from feds for 'extraordinary' work in FCA suit. Story | Follow @CarlyHFierce

> Valeant grabs a Middle Eastern foothold with $800M pact for Egypt's Amoun. More

> Gilead pushes some patients out of assistance program as it fights restrictive insurers. Story

> Pharma needs to get into digital health data game to stay competitive, study says. Article

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