EDMONTON, April 13 /PRNewswire/ - Compass Biotechnologies, Inc. (Compass) is newly focused on the development and commercialization of generic, biosimiliar and bio-better products.  Generic drugs are chemical copies of existing drugs and biosimiliars( biologics) are protein based drugs that do a similar job to the original biological product. Bio-Better products are new versions of patent-expired biologically based drugs that do the job smarter, more economically, or with a better side-effect profile. A "bio-better" is a biopharmaceutical product that is a copy of an existing product but is designed to have superior efficacy, safety, or improved drug delivery characteristics compared to the original product.

As part of this new focus Compass is pleased to announce the launch of its new website located at  The website designed by Mr. George Ptylik of AdWiz enhances the message of the Company while ensuring that all relevant and important information is delivered to our shareholders and the public at large in a professional and consistent manner.

Mr. Likes CEO commented "the website gives the right tone for our message and we will continue to update and expand the site with informational links, articles, press releases and a newsletter as we continue to evolve our franchise."

About Compass Biotechnologies

Compass Biotechnologies (COBI: OB) is an Edmonton based biotechnology product development company focused on generic, biosimiliar and biobetter products. From a development perspective, these types of products have lower development costs and lower development risk due to well established mechanisms of action, a known safety profile, with broad clinical indications for physician use. Comparability testing in preclinical and clinical trials will be needed to show the added benefits of the biosimiliar and bio-better drug product.

Compass Biotechnologies also has an wholly owned subsidiary company called C-Pharma Inc.

About C-Pharma

Compass has also created a private wholly owned subsidiary company called C- Pharma Inc. This Company through its parent Compass; is charged with the creation of a Hepatitis product development franchise.  C-Pharma has acquired the rights to novel vaccine technology which is currently being developed for Hepatitis C applications. This technology was previously developed at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and licensed to the Company on a worldwide exclusive basis.  In addition C-Pharma is developing its own generics for two drugs known as Ribavirin and pegylated alpha interferon.  These two drugs are currently the drugs used for patients who are chronically infected with the Hepatitis C virus and in combination are the current standard of care.  These two drugs when used together for Hepatitis C chronic infection create a market of $2 billion a year worldwide.

Forward Looking Statements

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