CombinatoRx reports failure in Phase II RA trial

CombinatoRx says that a mid-stage trial of its experimental drug CRx-139 for rheumatoid arthritis failed to hit its primary goal. But researchers emphasized that the therapy did achieve a number of secondary endpoints that warranted further analysis. The Cambridge, MA-based developer announced that "CRx-139 was not statistically significant versus 3mg prednisolone as measured by ACR 20 at day 70, CRx-139 did achieve statistical significance versus 3mg prednisolone alone as measured by ACR 20 and ACR 50 at earlier time points. Full analysis of the CRx-139 data is ongoing." Shares of the company slipped on the news.

"This trial confirms that the strong clinical activity previously reported with CRx-102 (combination of very low dose prednisolone and dipyridamole) should not be attributed to the effect of its low dose prednisolone component alone," said Alexis Borisy, president and CEO of CombinatoRx. "We are pleased to have this additional validation of our combination sciences approach to selective steroid amplification, and we look forward to rapidly advancing CRx-102 as our lead dissociated steroid combination for the treatment of RA and OA."

- see this release on the trial data

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