Cmed Group Announces Commercial Launch of Cmed Technology Ltd

Cmed Group Announces Commercial Launch of Cmed Technology Ltd

Cmed Group Announces Commercial Launch of Cmed Technology Ltd
The commercial launch of Cmed Technology brings Timaeus, Cmed's next-generation clinical data capture and management solution, to the forefront for use by biopharmaceutical organisations worldwide.

HORSHAM, United Kingdom | 18 May 2010

Cmed Group Ltd, the award-winning company that combines expertise in clinical research services with innovative technology, today announced completion of the commercial launch of Cmed Technology Ltd. Cmed Technology provides Timaeus, a next-generation solution for capture and management of clinical data.

 As part of the Cmed Group, Cmed Technology will continue to collaborate with Cmed Clinical Research Services to meet Cmed client needs and obtain first-hand knowledge of real-world data management challenges. However, Cmed Technology will now directly provide Timaeus to study sponsors, Functional Service Providers (FSPs) and Contract Research Organisations (CROs). It will also partner with systems integrators (SIs) and consultancies to use Timaeus to improve clinical system architectures and implement operations excellence programmes.

 "The development of Timaeus has benefited tremendously from its closeness to an operational CRO," said Dr David Connelly, Chief Executive Officer of the Cmed Group. "This incubation enabled the development of a fundamentally different, next-generation platform that has been proven on demanding and complex clinical trials that challenge-and often overwhelm-conventional systems. I doubt this would have been possible from a standalone software company focused on short-term sales."

 Timaeus brings together leading-edge distributed computing, virtualisation, web, appliance and mobile technologies used by many of the world's largest information systems into a single architecture platform, resulting in significant advantages. It can be used to configure standard and adaptive clinical trials with equal agility. Timaeus enables investigators and monitors working from remote trial locations and emerging markets to manage data with high speed and reliability-using only a mobile telephone connection. This, combined with Timaeus' role-based workflow functionality, empowers investigators, monitors and data managers to manage data end-to-end, without need of reconciliation, saving much time and effort.

Cmed Technology provides customers the option to use Timaeus through either software-as-a-service or enterprise models, based on their specific needs. Both options include a range of supporting professional services. Each combines the benefits of managed services and turnkey cloud computing to set up and manage trials quickly, reliably and efficiently. For more information, visit

About Cmed Group Ltd
Cmed was founded in 2000 by former senior pharmaceutical and clinical research executives with a vision of combining deep, full-spectrum experience in clinical services with innovative technology to provide customers a better way to manage clinical data. The Cmed Group includes Cmed (Clinical Research Services) Ltd, a full-service eCRO and Cmed Technology Ltd, an electronic data capture and management solutions company. Its diverse, global customers include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academic institutions, CROs, and not-for-profit research organisations. It has its main office in Horsham, West Sussex UK, with additional offices in Timisoara, Romania; Murray Hill, NJ USA and Durham (Research Triangle Park), NC USA.

About Cmed Technology Ltd
Cmed Technology has roots from Oxford University, starting in 2000 as ThirdPhase Ltd, an electronic data capture research and development company. After acquisition by Cmed in 2002, it became Cmed's technology research and development division. Currently, it directly provides its next-generation technology, Timaeus, to customers and partners to optimise clinical data management. Cmed customers currently use it to capture and manage clinical data in real-time across six continents, for a broad range of clinical trials.

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