ClinPlus® Launches CTMS Program for Contract Research Organizations

Growing complexity of clinical trials, increased focus on data accuracy and cost is driving the market for CTMS to almost $2Billion in the next few years.

Bound Brook, NJ -- DZS Software Solutions Inc., a clinical research software organization focused on clinical trials and developers of the ClinPlus® brand of products announced today the launch of a CTMS CRO Program. The program provides access to DZS's SaaS-based ClinPlus CTMS on a month-to-month subscription basis as well as installed or hosted delivery with a nominal set-up and training fee.

If a sponsor contracts with a clinical research organization (CRO) to run a trial on the sponsor's behalf, the sponsor will most likely be looking for controls from the CRO. A CRO needs a tool that increases efficiency, productivity, capability, performance, and internal communication, as well as communication with the sponsor. A tool that helps decrease manpower, and administrative overhead also helps decrease associated costs. These benefits, in turn, can be passed on to a sponsor, giving the CRO a competitive edge.

DZS developed ClinPlus CTMS in response to the industry's need for an affordable yet, highly-configurable and feature rich clinical trial management software. This program offers small and medium-sized CROs a tailored and proven clinical trial technology solution to include in their service offering.

By providing this more comprehensive CTMS service offering to their pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device clients using ClinPlus technology, CROs can compete more effectively with larger, full-service CROs, while still maintaining their own unique level of specialized client service. "Smaller, more specialized CROs typically do not have the financial resources or client bandwidth to invest in multiple, sophisticated clinical software applications, particularly if they are actively providing their clients with the detailed, attentive service that won them the business in the first place. DZS recognizes this and has created a true partner collaboration program to enable CROs to, easily and cost effectively, augment their core strengths with DZS/ClinPlus software, and increase their revenue as a result," says VP of Product Development, Bob Borysko.

ClinPlus CTMS can be configured to track, measure and report on virtually every aspect of a clinical trial or study program. The relational database at the heart of the CTMS groups, analyzes and filters clinical trial operations information at various levels including, among others, trial, country, site, investigator, product, clinical research associate (CRA), etc.

As a result, the ClinPlus CTMS provides a view of trial management data suited to a variety of individuals within the organization, including high-level, consolidated metrics for senior managers, allowing them to view the progress of multiple studies and compare protocols in order to optimize future studies.

Joining the CRO Program does not require any capital investment, and among other benefits, partner CROs will receive preferred pricing on ClinPlus software and ancillary services, as well as joint sales and marketing resources from DZS.
 Keith Ward, Director of Global Marketing for DZS Software Solutions, explains, "The partnership program is very unique in that this offering is exclusively for small-to-mid sized CROs because they stand to benefit the most from adopting our technology platform, and they tend to be flexible enough to adjust their processes and take full advantage of what the CTMS technology has to offer.

To speak to a product expert or a personalized demonstration, please contact sales&marketing(at)clinplus(dot)com or follow this link to request specific information or pricing:

About DZS Software Solutions, Inc.
DZS Software Solutions, Inc. ( is a privately held company founded in 1996 providing clinical trials software for clinical data management and analysis to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Over 50 clients globally presently use ClinPlus® software for data collection and capture, data cleansing, coding, analysis, clinical trial management and reporting. When the software is coupled with DZS services and training, many ClinPlus clients have dramatically improved productivity and maximized the value of clinical research investments and gained a competitive advantage to get medicines and products to market faster.
 The ClinPlus® Software Solutions Suite for Clinical Trials provides premium tools required by pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs), biotechs, and medical device manufacturers to expedite clinical trials and meet the strict data formatting requirements of the FDA and other global regulatory agencies.
 The ClinPlus® Software Solutions Suite's unmatched cost-of-entry, scalability, flexible delivery options and exceptional training and support have gained DZS a reputation for delivering exacting quality and helping clients achieve early visibility to reliable clinical data. DZS software engineers possess decades of statistical analysis, clinical data management, clinical project management, and ADE/Drug coding and table/list/report building experience. This real-world experience is incorporated into every ClinPlus® system design and is evident in the reliability and enhanced features found in every system!