Clinical Conductor Clinical Trial Management System Enjoys Record Growth and Improves Economic Return for Customers

Clinical Conductor(TM) Clinical Trial Management System Enjoys Record Growth and Improves Economic Return for Customers; Enterprise CTMS Expands Portfolio
ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Bio-Optronics, Inc., a leader in healthcare workflow software, will be launching Clinical Conductor(TM) Enterprise, a new comprehensive, in-depth clinical study management system, at the Association of Clinical Research Professionals Global Conference & Exhibition in Tampa, Florida from April 23rd to April 27th at booth number 528.

The Clinical Conductor(TM) Enterprise CTMS is an extensive optimized clinical trial management system (CTMS) designed to centralize crucial information on patients and studies to ensure an accurate and efficient workflow throughout the clinical trial process. Specifically designed for CROs, SMOs, and sponsors, Enterprise CTMS builds on the well-established benefits offered by Clinical Conductor(TM) Site CTMS, which is already being used in over 600 sites worldwide, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Ukraine and South Africa.

Bio-Optronics' new system is available to research sites, review boards, academic medical centers, CROs, and sponsors, among others, and is designed to facilitate patient recruitment, study execution, regulatory compliance, financial management and communication across clinical research entities, hence saving time and costs when conducting clinical trials, and improving economic return.

"The challenges of collaborating across the boundaries of the different actors with non-homogeneous practices and information systems must be addressed," said Bio-Optronics CEO and President Dan Kerpelman. "There are few systems offered with the reach and the depth of Clinical Conductor(TM) to achieve this."

The Clinical Conductor(TM) Enterprise provides organized tracking needs for every aspect of the study. It streamlines information sharing through customized portals, enhances project management with pro-active milestone alerts and tracking, and it can be used as a power search tool by utilizing the patient database to find the best matches for a research study. It is an effective time-management tool that even makes the financial side of the study easy to manage.

After a 50 percent growth in its most recent quarters, Clinical Conductor(TM) sales continue with record highs and customers are already reaping the benefits, Johnna Pezzullo, President & Co-Founder, Omega Medical Research, says, "Clinical Conductor(TM) has helped out business tremendously, we used Excel spreadsheets prior, now we have the numbers at our fingertips. It allows us to see how we are doing per study, and has improved recruitment and marketing."

"My hope is that with this foundation, and the innovation behind Clinical Conductor(TM) Enterprise, we will play an important role in enhancing the quality and efficiency of clinical trials worldwide," Kerpelman said.  "The early success of this product gives me confidence that we're on the right path."

Bio-Optronics, Inc. develops, deploys and operates software products and custom information technology solutions to help healthcare professionals manage and optimize workflow, thus enhancing quality, productivity, and patient and staff satisfaction.

For 25 years, Bio-Optronics has demonstrated leadership in innovation, expertise in workflow and integration and a singular approach to unparalleled customer service.

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