CEWorks, a New Analytic Application from ProSanos, Provides Rapid Performance of Comparative Effectiveness Studies

ProSanos Corporation is pleased to introduce CEWorksTM, an innovative analytic software application providing comparative effectiveness data on demand for professionals in the life sciences and healthcare industries. CEWorks is part of the award winning suite of software products and services offered by ProSanos for pharmacovigilance, health outcomes, and the assessment of product effectiveness.

"Electronic claims and anonymized medical records databases have vast amounts of information that are critical for product and disease understanding, but to date this evidence has been accessible only to limited numbers of statistical programmers," said Jonathan Morris, M.D., President and CEO of ProSanos Corporation. "Comparing the effectiveness of different drugs in a meaningful and simple way has been elusive until now. CEWorks enables an accurate comparison in hours versus the months typically required for conventional studies, allowing a greater number of studies to be performed and providing critical cost savings for life science organizations."

CEWorks provides a point and click interface sitting on top of a robust underlying analytic framework. The result is a rapid, accurate, and reproducible assessment of product effectiveness and the presentation of real world evidence. Available as a service for retrospective database studies, or via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model, real world evidence from administrative claims and medical record information is now directly accessible to the increasing number of health professionals who need product effectiveness and disease understanding information on a daily basis.

About ProSanos Corporation

The mission of ProSanos Corporation (www.prosanos.com) is to advance patient safety and healthcare by providing clients and partners with superior products and services for the integration, analysis and management of healthcare-related data. Founded in 2000 and known for its innovative and cost effective approach to the analysis and mining of healthcare data, the company provides products and services that promote in-depth understanding of the treatment and outcomes of specific diseases and conditions. ProSanos Corporation is headquartered in Harrisburg, PA.