CEO pay: Who makes what in Big Biotech?

What do you get when you make it to the top of of Big Biotech's biggest companies? Millions in compensation, for one thing. But although the average pay for the CEOs listed is $14.42 million, most saw a decline from 2006 levels, underscoring the stock market challenges some biotechs faced in 2007. Take, for instance, Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer. Though he came out on top in this year's CEO pay ranking, Sharer's pay down 17 percent from 2006. His base salary was up slightly to $1.55 million but he took a hit on stock awards and incentive plan compensation. Arthur Levinson (Genentech), Henri Treemer (Genzyme), John Martin (Gilead) and James Mullen (Biogen Idec) round out the five highest paid Big Biotech execs.

Because companies each have their own approach to reporting CEO pay, FierceBiotech's CEO numbers are based on total compensation reported in these companies SEC filings. The number include base salary, bonus and "other" compensation in 2007. Click below to see what biotech's biggest players made last year.

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