Celgene CEO outlines future plans, post-Pharmion buyout

In an interview with the Star-Ledger, Celgene CEO Sol Barer laid out some of the basics in how it will integrate operations with Pharmion, a biotech Celgene paid $2.9 billion for. After some consolidation, he says, the combined company will have operations around the globe. And while he expects some new collaboration deals with other developers, don't look for anything too big in the near term.

"A lot of these (deals) are driven by specific opportunities that often are difficult to predict," says Barer. "There will be a period of time subsequent to the Pharmion acquisition where a lot of integration will go on. While that will not affect the smaller deals, it probably will affect the larger collaborations, which would be a lower priority while we're integrating the new company."

- check out the Q&A from the Star-Ledger

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