Celera completes its corporate transformation

Celera has ended its run as a biotech drug developer, completing its switch to molecular diagnostic testing company and moving its HQ from Rockville, MD to Alameda California. The Baltimore Business Journal tracked the arc of the company from high-flying genomics player to drug developer to molecular diagnostic testing company as it officially splits from Applera. Once counting a staff of 550, the Rockville operations have declined steadily over the years and have now reportedly been reduced to about 25. Acquisitions and expansions in California, meanwhile, swelled that staff to 550.

"It's a new day for Celera as we emerge as an independent healthcare company focused on personalizing disease management," said CEO Kathy Ordonez. "Our employees and our newly formed board of directors are energized about working together to build a successful future for our growing business, with its promising pipeline of new products and strong balance sheet."

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