Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Ltd. Announces Resignation of Georges Ugeux from Board of Directors

Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Ltd. Announces Resignation of Georges Ugeux from Board of Directors

DETROIT, Sept. 23 -- Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Ltd. (NYSE Amex: CPD) announced that on September 20, 2009, Georges Ugeux resigned as a director of the Company and from the audit, compensation and independent committees of the Board. Mr. Ugeux was the chairman of the independent committee.

In his resignation letter, Mr. Ugeux indicated that he had disagreements with the majority shareholder and senior management of the Company relating to corporate governance and the fiduciary role of independent directors. The Company believes that Mr. Ugeux's disagreements relate to the role of the independent directors going forward in managing the FDA actions previously disclosed by the Company. The current Board, including all the independent directors, believe that management of the FDA actions is and should remain the top priority and focus for the entire management team of the Company, with the entire Board providing the necessary oversight.

All of the members of the current Board, including the independent directors, believe that all shareholders' interests are aligned, and that the Company is moving in the right direction to enable it to resolve the FDA's concerns as expeditiously as possible. In this connection, the Company has engaged highly regarded (i) special FDA counsel to negotiate with the FDA on behalf of the Company and (ii) FDA consultants who are advising and will advise the Company with respect to compliance with FDA requirements. The Board is focused and resolute in its desire to resolve the FDA's concerns, and believes that it is acting in the best interests of all of the Company's shareholders, as resolution of such concerns will benefit all of the shareholders of the Company.

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