Can Roche's old R&D campus attract biotechs?

By last summer, Roche's ($RHHBY) R&D complex in Nutley, NJ, resembled a movie set for the latest post-Apocalypse tale, its largely empty buildings home to a few hardy survivors as new digs were being prepared in Manhattan. Now development groups are working with Roche and local officials on a new life for the research campus, and biotech could still play a big role in its future. All of the various plans for Nutley set aside a large portion of the millions of square feet of space available for new tech tenants. And one is "tech led," reports, with plans to attract new biotech tenants to the development. The problem, though, is that New Jersey has seen its biopharma industry shrink with major defections across the state. And that tech-led plan could take 25 years to complete as a result, compared to an estimated 15 years for the other mixed-use plans. Story